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KIMS UBQ is a unique and competitive company specialized in design and manufacturing of Harbor
Underwater Surveillance System cable & Towing cable assembly for sonar system of the warship.

  • Special Submarine Cable Design, Manufacturing & Engineering
  • ㆍUnderwater Acoustic System(SONAR) Cable

    ㆍUnderwater Magnetic Field & Electric Field Cable

    ㆍUnderwater Towing Cable

    ㆍROV Cable

  • EPD[Engineered Product Design] Cable
  • ㆍMilitary Marine / Ground / Aerospace, Missiles, Industrial, Offshore / Subsea

    ㆍTorpedo Launch System Cable

    ㆍSea Sparrow Missile Cable

    ㆍESSM[Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile] Vertical Launch System Cable

  • Specialty Cable Devices & Cable Harness
  • ㆍCable & Sensor Devices

  • Specialty Connectors & Handling System
  • ㆍUnderwater Cable Connectors

    ㆍFairing & Fairlead System

    ㆍROV & Submergence Vehicle System Parts

  • Underwater Sensing Technologies
  • ㆍCTD Devices Sensor Technologies

    ㆍ Acoustic Electric & Magnetic Field Technologies

  • Cable Plant Engineering
  • ㆍAutomotive Cable Plant Engineering